"Mobile Devices for Learning and Teaching: Discussion"


Annette S. Lee - Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy

"2-Min Intro Astronomy Video Project"

Black Holes Rap (3:01)


 How to Go to Mars (9:08)

Europa - Where There is Water, There is Life (3:28)


Start with the discussion:

What is your favorite topic in astronomy?


Project - Methods

  Introductory Astronomy Classes

Step 1 - Select your topic, Select your group

Step 2 - 15 second Video Preview

Step 3 - 2 min Video Project


D2L Groups ... huh?


More Results


Greek Myths and the Stars 101 (3:00)

Animals in Space (2:45)


Black Holes in Space (4:56)


Hercules Vidd (4:39)


First Contact War (19:32)


Conspiracy Theories (2:38)


Many, many excellent Video Projects...    


Conclusions & Future Directions

  • Drastically improved student motivation, sense of community...
  • Opened the door for greater variety of learners
  • Many very well done, creative projects
  • Turned the corner when I took the risks first
  • Professional astronomer & Professional visual artist
  • 25 years of teaching experience.

Three Simple Goals: Critical thinking, Teamwork, Creativity


  • Grading Rubric
  • Examples
  • Surveys....IRB
  • Correlations



How many students used mobile devices to complete this project?

NASA email: Plenary Application - THE NEXT GENERATION PLENARY: Next Destinations for Human Space Exploration

More coming soon.... Connection to literature... Work with other instructors...