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My website pages include course information, professional information, and my own poetry. If you "borrow" anything on these pages, I ask only that you credit me with authorship . .

Carol A. Mohrbacher


Engl. 184 Intro to Literature
Engl. 191
Intro to Analytic and Rhetorical Writing
Engl. 353
Writing Center Theory and Practice (Practicum)
Engl. 432/532 Specialized Professional Writing
Engl. 635 Introduction to Writing Center Theory and Practice

Professional Information

Curriculum Vitae
Teaching Philosophy coming soon
Technical Communication Bibliography coming soon Intellectual Property Bibliography
My Poetry (some published; some not)
Dissertation excerpt: Benkler's Theory of Layers

Interesting and Useful Links

Silva Rhetoricae
U.S. Supreme Court
American Rhetoric (sound)
Bells 'n
Web Monkey
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting:


Philosophy to Boethius:

"Now is the time for you to take some gentle and pleasant remedy which may prepare you for stronger medicine. I shall use the sweet persuasion of rhetoric, which is suitable enough if it does not contradict the truths of philosophy, and I shall add the grace of Music, a servant of mine whose songs are sometimes happy and sometimes sad."

The Consolation of Philosophy by Boethius (Book II; Prose 1)


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