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Dr. Charles W Seefeldt

Professor of the Criminal Justice Studies.
J.D. William Mitchel College of Law '93,
B.S.  St. Cloud State College '74, M.A St. Cloud State University '77.
E-mail : cwseefeldt@stcloudstate.edu


Brief Bio

Dr. Seefeldt received his BS and MA degress from St. Cloud State College and St. Cloud State University respectively in 1974 and 1977 and his Doctrate from William Mitchel College of Law in 1993. He held the position of the Chair of the Criminal Justice department from 1996-1999 at St. Cloud State University and is currently Assistant Professor at the same univeristy. He has vast teaching experinece and is also a member of various scocities likeLambda Iota Tau, Rhetoric Society of America, Midwest Criminal Justice Association and
Academy of Security Educators and Teachers.

He has various publications to his name and is also chair and member to various committees. His areas of Specialization include Remedial Composition, Freshman Composition, Advanced Composition, Research in Criminal Justice, Constitutional Criminal Law and Criminal Law. His areas of Competence are American Literature (20th Century), Police Report Writing, Private Security and Police Civil Liability