Dr. Elizabeth Scheel-Keita

Professor of Sociology

Office Location: Stewart Hall 263

Phone: (320) 308-4819

Email: EDScheel@stcloudstate.edu




This link includes information on all of the different classes that are offered by Dr. Elizabeth Scheel-Keita, information that is presented includes a general layout of the class and some of the expected readings for the class.



Research Projects

Dr. Scheel-Keita is always trying to find ways to include students in her research projects, this section provides information on the different projects that she is involved in and the different ways that students could become involved in her project.


Student Help Page

This link includes information on the different programs that student have used for projects for Dr. Scheel-Keita's classes, the information listed here is only introductory and for more detailed assistance you may wish to visit with the computer people at the library.


Student Projects Page

This link goes to the Summer 2007 Gender and Violence class, Controversial Issues in Gender Violence website. Students researched and compiled information on different controversial issues in gender and violence. The topics include pornography, raunch culture, gendered violence, corporate violence against women, female genital mutilation and male circumcision, and false memory syndrome. Each topic highlights the key debates and the various perspectives on each issue.


Links of Interest

This page includes different links to programs that interest Dr. Scheel-Keita the links are to many different areas of study, research, and information.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of the content included on this website please contact Dr. Elizabeth Scheel-Keita at edscheel@stcloudstate.edu.