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It appears the student scores for the “mid-term” quiz are not reporting to my D2L gradebook


Most often, the instructor missed to check the box “allow automatic export to grades.”
To fix this omission, please go to

Assessment | Quizzes

And open the quiz in question.

Make sure that you scroll down “Grade Item” and choose the appropriate grade item. If one is not crated, please click on “add grade item” and create one.

Check the box in front of “allow automatic export to grades.”

Check also the box in front of “allow attempt to be set as graded immediately upon completion.”

Don’t forget to save these changes.

This is how it supposed to look


Instructors usually notice the omission of both checkboxes after students’ submissions.
In order to make quiz grades populate the grade item, you might be required to do an additional step.

Go to the quiz, scroll down menu and select “Grade.”

Make sure that you applying the right restriction.

Click on “Graded” and then click again to deselect and select.

Click Update.