To publish your MS Word-generated quiz via Respondus in D2L:           


To upload your quiz directly into D2L

1.       Login into your D2L account

2.       After login, please copy the URL to the session:

3.       Go to Publish Wizard in Respondus

4.       Click on the button Publish Wizard and choose “add new server.” Click “Next”

5.       Switch radio buttons to “No, I want to enter manually” and click “next”

6.       Fill out the data in the required fields:

2. Is the URL from your D2L account
Server domain is:
Server Port Is: 443
Secure Server is “yes”
User Name and Psw are your Huskynet ID and psw

7.       Once back to the initial window, you can stay at the first radio button “Publish to a single course” for a direct upload of your quiz in your class. Click “Next”

8.       Scroll down 1. Choose Course to Publish to

9.       Follow the other options on that window or click next

To upload your quiz manually (zip file) into D2L

1.       Go to Publish Wizard in Respondus and click on Publish Wizard

2.       Switch from radio button “Publish to single course” to radio button “Export QTI XML for manual upload” and click “next”

3.       Save the exported zip file to your desired location

4.       Locate the zip file where you saved it and upload in D2L by going to your course where the quiz must be uploaded to.

5.       Open the course where the quiz must be uploaded to

6.       Click “Edit Course”

7.       Click Import / Export / Copy Components

8.       Switch from radio button “Copy Components” to radio button “Import Components” and find the zip file by clicking on “Choose File”

9.       Hit “continue”

10.   Check box “Select All Components” and hit continue

11.   And “Finish