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  Executive Order 13112 defines an invasive species as "an alien species whose introduction does or is likely to cause economic or environmental harm or harm to human health." The order asks each federal agency to prevent the introduction of invasive species, control and monitor existing populations, conduct research, and promote public education (Executive Order 13112). Therefore, the Minnesota Department of Military Affairs is taking measures to address their invasive species problem.

  In 2002, an agreement was signed between St. Cloud State University and the Department of Military Affairs for the development of a long term management plan for invasive plant species at the two military training sites in Minnesota - Camp Ripley and Arden Hills. Previous research at these sites has produced complete distribution maps of the invasive species and general knowledge of which treatments provide the best control for each species. The objectives of ongoing research at Camp Ripley and Arden Hills are to:
  • determine the presence and distribution of invasive plants
  • make recommendations to control or eradicate the invasive species
  • identify potential threats and high risk locations of accidental introductions with recommendations to prevent new invasions.
  This site provides information on the research and management practices aimed at controlling the most pervasive and/or problematic species of invasive plants on these two military training sites.



Jorge E. Arriagada, Plant Biologist/Project Director
Jill Babski, M. Sc., 2004
Joseph Eisterhold, M. Sc., 2008
Laurie Tuohy, M. Sc., 2006
Joseph Carlyon, M. Sc., 2010
Kayla Malone, B.S., Program Coordinator
Alan Einck, Graduate Student
Jamie Hanson, Graduate Student

William L. Brown, Natural/Cultural Resources Specialist
Marty J. Skoglund
Jay Brezinka, Environmental Supervisor
Tom Rothleutner, Roads and Grounds Supervisor
Tim Notch, The Nature Conservancy
  Lee Anderson, GIS Specialist

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