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Judy Dorn
Professor, Department of English

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Contact information

Office Hours

English Department building B51, office 255

The English Department is located on an overlook of the Mississippi River, in an unnamed building behind Stewart Hall, by the H parking lot. If you are coming from the Atwood Student Center, enter Stewart and look for the passageway out just past the elevators and to the right. Those doors will take you to the courtyard behind Stewart, where you can see Building 51.

  • Office hours for the academic year 2015-16: 
  • I will be serving as Interim Graduate Director this year and am also available for advising. 


    • My office: (320) 308-5432
    • English department: (320) 308-3061
    • Fax: 320.308.5524


    To practice your democratic citizenship:

  • Where to go to vote--precinct information:    First click on the yellow elections bar and proceed to "Find Your Polling Place."
  • State of Minnesota-- legislature: Allows you to look up your State Representatives and State Senators by city, and to send e-mail letters directly to them.
  • To contact your Representatives and Senators to the U.S. Congress, go to the House of Representatives or to the U.S. Senate. Most have e-mail links, although you need to get to the Senators' personal pages to find those (links are available at this site).  
  • The Congressional Budget Office: Complete National Budget Overview At this site, go to "Current Budget Projections" for an extremely current overview, packaged any way you like.
  • Here is a copy of the U.S. Constitution, in case you wanted to know your rights.
  • United Nations Universal Declaration on Human Rights, go to the United Nations Scholars' Workstation Home Page :
    This link connects you to an enormous number of resources in international affairs. Look for the search engine and type in the term "Human Rights," and you will find links to the document itself.
  • The World Factbook - great collection of data on all countries in the world, from the C.I.A. webpage. The CIA webpage also lists all leaders worldwide under cia/publications/chiefs
  • Minnesota legal aid - resources for your legal issues: 
  • Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting - media watchdog organization
  • To examine our local environmental conditions, access
  • Google Earth:

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    ENGL 490: Senior Seminar - "Magic Realism"

    ENGL 402/502: Literary Criticism and Theory

    Qualifying for graduate credit in this course - English 502

    What FAVORITE BOOKS would you recommend to your classmates?  

    ENGLISH 191: Introduction to Analytical and Research Writing in the Humanities

    Course topic: Writing about the 1960s