Building Linkage between Technology and the World

Technology Education-Technology Management-Environmental Studies-Environmental Sciences

Hot Metal pouring experiences ETS 345

James A. Nicholson






Teaching the applications and principles of technology and their link to environmental responsibility.

 Design: Solid Modeling, Graphics, 3D Printing

 Prototyping: Z-Corp 3D Printer, ENCO STL Rapid Machining Technology, CNC Laser Engraving

 Manufacturing: CNC Milling, CNC Plasma Cutting, CNC Routing, CNC Lathe operations, Ultrasonic Machining, Electrodischarge Machining

 Plastics: Injection, Blow, Extrusion, Rotational, Compression Molding


ETS department

St Cloud State University

Headley Hall 216

St, Cloud, MN 56301

To contact us:

Phone: 320-308-4705

Fax: 320-308-5122


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