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Jeanne L. Anderson, CPT, EdD

 Certified Performance Technologist

Professor, Information Media

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Center for Information Media 
St. Cloud State University 
720 4th Ave. South EB 143A
St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498
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Telephone Numbers
Office: 320-308-4823 FAX: 320-308-2932

Research Interests

My two areas of interest are instructional technology (design and delivery of instruction) for diverse/international students and visual literacy, especially as it relates to computer screen design and user interfaces/usability. Current research is on online learning, P12 technology use and filipped classrooms.


  • Ed. D., Instructional Technology, Northern Illinois University, 1991 
    • Dissertation: Design and delivery of training for international trainees
  • MFA, Studio Arts, Northern Illinois University, 1982
  • BFA, Studio Arts, 1976


  • St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN; professor, 1991 - present
  • AT&T National Product Training Center, Hickory Ridge, Lisle, Illinois; Marketing Specialist , Educational Technologist, 1984 -1991 
  • MCC Powers, Northbrook, IL; Instructional Designer, 1983 - 1984 

Selected Publications

Anderson, J. L. H. (in press). Technologies for Persons With Hearing Impairments. In J. M. Spector (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Educational Technology. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Anderson, J. L. H. (2010). Collecting analysis data. In K. H. Silber & R. Foshay (Eds.), Handbook of training and improving workplace performance (Vol. I, pp. 95 - 143). San Francisco: John Wiley & Sons.

Hites, J. M., (1996). Design and Delivery of Training for International Students: A Case Study. Performance Improvement Quarterly, 9(2), pp. 57-74 

Hites, J. M., and K. Ewing, (1996). Designing and Implementing Instruction on the World Wide Web: A Case Study. 

Hites, J. M., and Fields, D. (February, 1996) HPY: Applied Science or Smoke and Mirrors? Technology, Education and Work: Selected Papers. Northern Illinois University.

Hites, J. M., (1994). On being hearing impaired in the workplace, P&I Journal, 33 (5), pp.120-12. 

Hites, J. M., (1990). Design and Delivery of Training for International Students: A Case Study. Unpublished Doctoral Dissertation, NIU. 322 pages. 

Hites, J. M., (1986). Cultural finesse for materials and trainers. Media and Adult Learning, 8 (2), pp. 11-14. 

Hites, J. M. with Fischer, W. W., (1984). Modifying course materials for international students, P&I Journal, 23 (10), pp. 7-9. (ERIC Document Reproduction Service no. EJ314087-IR513726) 

Hites, J. M., (1989). Design and Delivery of Training for International Trainees. Thresholds: Research in Education. 17 (1&2). Northern Illinois University.

Recent Presentations

Sutton, S.R. & Anderson, J. L. H. (2013, March). Infusing the National Educational Technology Standards into a Teacher Education Program. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education (SITE), New Orleans, LA

Anderson, J. L. H. (2011, January 20). Blogs in Edication 101. Curriculum Technology Center, St. Cloud State University.


IM204 Research Strategies (MGM)

IM302 Theory to Practice

IM420 Information Technology and Cultural Relevance 

IM444 Internship in Media 

IM404/504 Instructional Design I 

IM422/522 Information, Technology and Learning for K-12 and 5-12 Education 

IM455/555 Design and Preparation of Multimedia Presentations I 

IM456/556 Design and Preparation of Multimedia Presentations II

IM469 Training and Media Management 

IM608 Research Methods in Media

IM632 Training/Human Resource Development

IM656 Computer-Based Authoring 

Seminars (taught occasionally on demand)

IM683(1) Seminar: Human Performance Technology

Productivity problems in the workplace have many causes. Instructional designers are experts at solving problems caused by a lack of skills, but what about other types of problems? Human performance technology offers a range of solutions. Using case studies and activities, you will explore and practice non-training solutions with a proven track record for effectiveness. 

IM683(2) Seminar: Design for Diversity 

Your classroom is beginning to change - there are students from diverse backgrounds, nations, cultures, and languages. How does this affect your instruction? What works, and how do you find appropriate curriculum materials? How does your own culture affect your instruction? Using experiential methods and case studies, you will explore and develop strategies for designing and modifying instruction for use with diverse learners in both educational and training settings. 

IM683(3) Seminar: Time and Project Managment 

You have three training projects and deadlines are looming. People and resources need to be in the right place at the right time while controlling costs. How do you do it? Time and project managment - core skills many employers look for when making hiring decisions. This seminar will give you an opportunity to develop time and project managment skills and explore both computerized and manual time and project managment systems. 


IIM686 Grants: Howto Write'Em and Get 'Em

Students will explore techniques and strategies for writing and presenting grant proposals. Participants will be given opportunities to network, explore database searching, and examine grant sources. Actual examples of grant proposals will be shown. Participants will practice techniques and strategies on thir own proposal ideas. 


Backpacking, canoeing, cross-country skiing, reading, writing poetry, listening to blues, jazz and classical music, watching old movies, painting... 

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