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Abeja ö quieren atontarnos con humo, como a las abejas ö they want to fool us, lull us to sleep with lies ((RD)

abeja - abeja asesina - killer bee (Opinión

abeja - abeja - (atraído)s como abejas al panal - (attracted) like bees to honey (Opinión)

alacrán - De cualquier yagua vieja sale tremendo alacrán - trouble can come from anywhere (yagua - royal palm) (RD)
alas - estar bajo las alas de -to be under the wings/protection of (RD)
alas - volar con sus propias alas - to be independent (RD)
araña - arañar - to approximate, scratch (as in the surface), scrape through (RD)

arañar - to scratch (salió con la cara arañada - he left with a scratched face) (RD)
araña - chandeliere (Mex.) (lámpara de araña, Cu)
araña - el hombre araña - Spider Man (RD)
araña ö hacer de Capitán Araña ö to get someone else to do the dirty work

araña (telaraña) - estar atrapado en la telaraña de - to be caught in the web of (Mex.)                                                                                                              

ave - aplumarse - to get all puffed up/overly proud (RD)                                                                                                               

ave - ave nocturna - night owl, night person (Mex.) ave - aplumarse - to get all puffed up/become overly proud (RD)
ave - aves migratorias de corto vuelo - referring to visiting ballplayers (baseball); visitors that come and go quickly (RD)
ave - cortarle las alas a - to defeat, cut someone down to size (Mex.)
ave - de alas cortas - of limited success, poor performance (RD)

ave - rara avis - rare bird, an unusual or exceptional person (Newsweek)
ave - ser buche y plumas - to be all talk and no action (referring to la lechuza - the owl) (RD)

avestruz - la estrategia de avestruz - hiding one's head in the sand (Mex.)

avestruz - esconder la cabeza como el avestruz - to hide from the truth/bury one's head in the sand (Opinión)
avestruz - hacer las del avestruz - to hide one's head from the truth (Guatemala)
avestruz - poner un huevo de avestruz - to make a mistake, screw up, lay an egg (RD)

avispa - estar avispado - to be alert (Nic.)
avispa - Àqué avispa te picó? - what's bothering/eating you? (RD)

avispa - alborotar el avispero - to shake things up/cause a fuss, a stir (Mex.)

avispa - ¿por qué cuquear las avispas si el panal está en sosiego - why stir things up if there's no reason? (RD)
avispa - asvispero - desatar un avispero - to open a hornets' nest, a violent, contentious situation

avispa - avispero - revolcar el avispero - to shake things up/cause a ruckus (ESPN) (RD)

avispa - avispero - eso sólo sirve para patear el avispero - that only serves to stir things up/cause a fuss/open a hornets' nest (Mex.)

avispa – bright, sharp (las chicas son más avispas que los chicos – girls are brighter than boys) (PR)
avispa - avispado - sharp, bright (RD)
avispa - avispero - ser un avispero - to be a madhouse

Babosa (slug) - ir más lento que una caravana de babosas - to move at a snail's pace (RD)

Bacalao - aunque vengas disfrazao, te conozco bacalao - I can see right through you
bacalao - cortar el bacalao - to wear the pants in the family
bagre (catfish) - ugly hag (Ven.)
ballena varada - beached whale (whale and person) (Ven.)
bicha (snake) - beer (Nic.)
bicha (snake) - prostitute (Cuba)
bicho - bicho raro - rare bird, unusual type (RD)
bicho - penis (PR)
bicho - street kid (El Sal.)

bicho cibernético - computer bug/problem (Mex.)
borrego - rumor (Nos llamaron la atención dos de esos borregos - Two rumors caught our attention.) (Mex.)
borrego - seguir como borregos - to follow like sheep (Mex.)

buche - sacarle un juego del buche a - to steal a win from (PR)
buey - con esos bueyes es que hay que arar - you have to work with what you have (RD)
buey - dumb (Mex.)
buey - habl— el buey y dijo, "¡Mu!" - he/she said nothing important  (Ven.)

buey - el buey que mas jala - the person with the most clout/political pull (RD)
buey - quitarle esas garrabatas al buey - to get rid of those pests/parasites/problematic people (RD)
buey - quitarle las garabatas de la corrupción al buey - to clean up one's act (RD)
buey - sacar al buey de la barranca - to save, rescue, pull one out (last minute) (baseball) (tv Fox)
buey - yunta - más labra el dueño mirando que diez yuntas arando - the owner never rests (Mex.)
búfalo - great, outstanding (Las fotos están búfalas - The pictures are great) (Nic.)
búho - tren búho - night train
buitre (vulture) - greedy opportunist
burra - bus (Mex.)
burra - de vuelta la burra al trigo - making the same old mistakes again (Mex.)

burra - la burra no era arisca; los palos la hicieron - said when one causes his/her own problems
burro - aunque no anda en burro no es de machos - not really manly (to do something) (Mex.)

burro - como los burros, se trancan - they dig in their heels and won't move/they're stubborn (PR)

burro - dummy (Mex.)
burro - burrada - bonehead play, mistake (Nic.)
burro - burro flaco no da dos viajes - don't expect much of them (speaking of a weak pitching staff & 2d 1/2 of season) (baseball) (RD)
burro - el burro delante (para que no se espante) - saying used to correct incorrect word order of a child (RD)
burro - entre m‡s burros, menos elotes - said when there is not enough of something to go around (Mex.)
burro - hablar plumas de burro - to be talking nonsense (RD)
burro - ironing board (Mex.)
burro - m‡s carga para el burro - more work added to a busy schedule (Mex.)
burro - mata-burros - dictionary (RD)
burro - oreja de burro - dog ear
burro - orejas de burro - dunce cap (PR)
burro - rebuzno - el m‡s rebuznado - the dumbest, most thick headed (Mex.)
burro - tumbaburros - dictionary (Mex.)
burro - tumbado del burro - crazy (Si crees que te voy a ayudar, est‡s tumbado del burro - If you think I'm going to help you, you're nuts) (Mex.)
burro - una cosa piensa el burro y otra el que lo apareja (aparejar - to saddle) - where you stand depends on where you're sitting (RD)
burro - work horse (Ven.)