SCSU Fall 2014


Welcome to Fall Semester 2014 at SCSU. I am teaching two courses this fall. Follow the link on the right to D2L for more information and syllabi for POL 332 and POL 465.

Since I am also serving as department chair this year, my office hours are less flexible than usual. Please email to make an appointment if you cannot come by between 9am-noon MWF or 2-3pm MW.

If you would like to know where I went to school, etc., then you can look at my CV. There is a list of questions I am frequently asked posted here: FAQ Also, there is a section that talks about why I am so interested in political science and some of the places I’ve been because of it.

Have you visited the Political Science Department’s web page? Try it for information on degrees offered, major and minor forms, faculty office hours, and our current course schedule.


Prof. Lindsey’s Home Page

A recent photo of me from taken by my wife Holly, in Glacier National Park.


is located on the 3rd Floor of the 51 Building.

Tel: 320-308-2162


Jason Royce Lindsey Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Political Science

St. Cloud State University

720 Fourth Avenue South

304 Building 51

St. Cloud, MN 56301-4498


Tel: 320-308-2163



POL 332 Russia and the Successor States

POL 465 Modern Political Ideologies

For more course information log into D2L here.