Kaleidoscope 2009  

A Word From the Editor...

Culture is a hard concept to define. I remember sitting down with the Kaleidoscope editing staff for a meeting on how to judge submissions. Their main concern was what exactly “multiculturalism” means and how it could be defined. A brief discussion ensued. After the conversation I’m not sure if any of us had a concrete understanding.

Instead of creating a standard for multiculturalism, we focused on embracing various means of appreciation. Certain aspects of our heritage are in danger as the world slowly continues to move in the direction of unified globalization. Therefore, it is important to maintain what makes us individuals and share our traditions through art. I am proud to offer a glimpse into that diversity through this year’s wonderful prose, poetry and photography. The publication begins with regional themes and issues. It then moves towards cultural reflections and awareness, before finally examining identity. At this point I would like to thank everyone who helped contribute to Kaleidoscope. Many thanks to Kim Young, who offered insightful comments during the entire process; she was always eager to lend a hand whether one was needed or not. To Holly Warzecha for lending her opinion during the interior layout stage, her keen eye adding beauty to the aesthetics. To every person who submitted their work, whether it is included in this year’s magazine or was lost on the cutting room floor. And special thanks to Angie Chong for helping stack papers and getting me organized, as well as Kate Hogue for her consistent enthusiasm. We were also very lucky to have Professor Trista Baldwin and the other judges who helped offer critiques and insight in a timely manner, making my job that much easier. Finally, to Carol Mohrbacher who trusted me with this magnificent task.

Please enjoy reading as much as I have enjoyed designing and editing.

- Nick Seifert

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