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2009 Contributors

Yacoub Aljaffery – Is an Iraqi who migrated to the US in 1996 after spending five years in a refugee camp in Saudi Arabia. Currently he is doing my Masters in TESOL "Teaching English as a Second Language" at SCSU, and teaches ESL at the IEC as well. His play, “Born In Iraq,” was produced at the Mixed Blood Theater. “The Wingless Pigeon” is a new play that he is writing now and hopes to produce it sometime in the near future.

Divyanshu Bhuria – Divyanshu is an international student from a remote Himalayan region of northern India. He came to the United States with a dream of traveling around the globe, especially to see the highest mountain on each continent. Some of his hobbies include mountaineering and photography. Currently he is an MBA student with a graduate assistantship at the MBA Office here at St. Cloud State. He is also secretary of the MBA Club.

Moira Donovan –Moira Donovan is a grad student in the English program at SCSU. This is the first time she attempted to publish anything. She lives in Minneapolis and works for a nonprofit higher education organization.

Elyshia Hummer-Gellerman – Her hometown is Payson, Arizona, although she spent the majority of her adult life bouncing about the country. Eventually she settled into the quiet of Centre Township, where she is surrounded by sticks, the Mississippi River and Minnesota O's. She is SCSCU alumni and a current SCSU graduate assistant for Write Place. That's all.

Nichole Held – Nichole Held lives in St. Cloud and enjoys word games, cats, vinyl, and the color yellow.

Katie Hoffman – Katie Hoffman is a senior at SCSU. She likes reading to her cat.

Andrew Howes – Andrew is a creative writing major at SCSU. He considers himself a good person, but he pirates music constantly, without any qualms of conscience. People keep deleting him off facebook, and he's got only a vague idea why. In addition, Andrew is a creative writing major / film studies minor at SCSU. He plans to graduate sometime in the next year, at which point he'll pursue enrollment in an M.F.A. program, somewhere. Some of his poetry can be found at meta4magazine.org.

Steve Klepetar – Steve Klepetar teaches literature and writing at SCSU and directs the Advising Center. His work has received nominations for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net.

Karl Klint – He will graduate from S.C.S.U. with an M.A. in English Rhetoric and an online teaching certificate from the Information Media department. In the fall of 2009 he will begin doctoral work at North Dakota State University. Growing up on a farm in rural Minnesota, he never imagined he’d someday strive to earn a terminal degree. This is partially why he wrote The Grass Well Kept, so he will always remember where his road-of-life began.

Alissa LaChapelle – Alissa LaChapelle currently works as an archivist at St. Cloud State University. Her photograph "The Ballerina of Bielsko-Biała" was taken in Poland in 2007. Alissa returned to Minnesota last year after spending time abroad and teaching English in a town called Tychy, which is in the southern portion of Poland and home to the Tyskie Brewery. Alissa's family came to the United States from Poland approximately one hundred years ago, and she considers it her second homeland and is (still) trying to learn the language, albeit very slowly! When she is not traveling (or dreaming of traveling), Alissa enjoys spending time with her family and cats, writing haikus, and going to Bryan Adams concerts.

Bill Meissner – Bill Meissner’s first novel, SPIRITS IN THE GRASS, about a small town ballplayer who finds the remains of an ancient Native American burial ground on a baseball field, was published in 2008 by the University of Notre Dame Press. The book is now in its second printing and has been nominated for a 2008 Book of the Year Award, sponsored by ForeWord Magazine. Meissner has had six other books published, including two books of short stories and four books of poetry. He is the director of creative writing in the English Department and enjoys international travel [most recently, trips to Mexico, Quebec, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands]. His web page at SCSU is: http://web.stcloudstate.edu/wjmeissner/

Alma Guadalupe Rothfork – Alma Guadalupe Rothfork is a Mexican, first-year non-traditional student at St. Cloud State University. She moved to Minnesota ten years ago after marrying her husband Mark in Mazatlan, Mexico. She has two wonderful children Alejandra, 9 and Cristian, 6. After teaching Spanish and Mexican Folk Art to children through Community Education she decided to go back to school to complete a teaching degree to be a full time Spanish teacher. She believes that the creative expression in words transcends language, and it has no limits. She loves to write and create beautiful art for others to enjoy.

Matthew Sandahl – He loves His Jesus, His Family, His Heather, His Coffee, His Music, His Art, His Traveling, Your Coffee, and windy cool nights with campfire smoke.

Nick Seifert – He graduated from the University of Minnesota in the fall of 2003. Shortly thereafter Nick moved to New York City and taught kindergarten on the Upper West Side. Overall it was a great three years. Recently, he moved back to Minnesota to pursue a graduate degree here at SCSU. In addition to reading, writing and rocking out on the bass, he enjoys getting lost in whatever comes across his path.

Gordon Severson – Gordon Severson is a Broadcast Journalism and film studies student at St. Cloud State University. His style and subject matter reflect his stories and travels as both a filmmaker and a young journalist. Currently he is working on a pilot for a TV show, as well as a feature length documentary that are both inspired by real events he has encountered in life. His work in poetry is his own personal escape from the reality of TV News and documentary filmmaking.

Larissa Smerer – Is currently a sophomore at SCSU, majoring in English with an emphasis in creative writing. She enjoys photography, music, art, reading, writing, and gallivanting with my pals!

Charles Vilina – Chuck Vilina is a graduate student in the MA TESL program at SCSU. He and his wife Kathy Kampa are EFL/ESL materials writers for Oxford University Press in New York. Chuck also writes fiction and dabbles in poetry whenever he can find a tree to sit under. Chuck and his family have returned to St. Cloud after 19 years in Tokyo, Japan.

Holly Warzecha – Loves her guinea pig and hamster, as well as painting, drawing and traveling. She has a B.F.A in painting and it currently working on a Masters in Teaching English as a Second Language.

Tamara Wudinich – Is a sophomore at SCSU and writes several poems a week. In addition to writing poetry, she also writes for the St. Cloud Times every fourth Sunday. She likes to curl up in a comfy chair and read fiction novels, American literature, and classic poems. Watching movies is high on her list of favorite things to do as well.


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