Kaleidoscope 2009  

2009 Kaleidoscope Staff

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Nick Seifert

Kim Young

Trista Baldwin

Melissa Barnes
David Coss
Caroline Cullison
Nicole Evans
Elysha Hummer-Gellerman
Nichole Held
Kate Hogue
Michael May
Heather Schreifels

Carol Mohrbacher

Holly Warzecha

Conrad Bauer

The 2009 issue of Kaleidoscope was printed by The Write Place at St. Cloud State University. Funding was made possible through the kind donations of the Multicultural Diversity Committee. We appreciate their continuing supporting in allowing us to print such wonderful magazines each year.

Judging – Each submission was anonymously reviewed by two judges. Scores from each evaluator were then combined for a total score; major discrepancies between judges were reviewed by a third person. The top pieces were chosen for publication. Judges and editors did not take part in the acceptance of their own work, nor did they review their own writing.


Kaleidoscope 2009

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