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Season 6 Episode List

Episode 603: Darrin Printy - Ilya Yakovlev - Credit Card Processing

Team Small Bytes talk about credit card processing with Darrin Printy and Ilya Yaklovlev.

Episode 602: Chris Sears - Citizen Soldier

Chris Sears, a student in the HCOB and a member of the MN National Guard Red Bulls, joined Small Bytes to share a little bit about life as a student and Guard member. He talks about his deployment to Irag, the work he did as a Network Engineer, and the SCSU flag that was sent to his troop from President Potter.

Episode 601: Kristi Tornquist - LR&TS

Team Small Bytes once again opened our new season with Kristi Tornquist, Dean of Learning Resources & Technology Services. She highlights a few of the notable accomplishments in LR&TS over the past year and talks a bit about what the future may bring. LR&TS is always in the midst of celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Miller Center and of course actively engaged in the reorganization conversations going on across campus.

Season 5 Episode List

Episode 512: Jamie Heiman - English

Jamie Heiman joins Small Bytes today to talk a little bit about the new Master’s program being offered through the English Department in Rhetoric & Writing. This program will put more focus on writing in the workplace and professional communication rather than on teaching and academics.

Episode 511: Marian Rengel - Tom Steman - Lewis Papers

Small Bytes talks today with Tom Steman and Marian Rengel about the Sincliar Lewis collection in Archives and the partnership with the MN Digital Library project. Recently, a large project was completed where the MN Digital Library and St. Cloud State Archives worked together to digitize a collection of 262 personal letters and 1 poem between Sinclair Lewis and his mistress, Marcella Powers. This collection is now available on MN Reflections and can be found at:

Episode 510: Balsy Kasi-Geoffrey Tabakin - Sustainability

Balsy Kasi and Geoffrey Tabakin joined Team Small Bytes again to have a conversation about sustainability in Education. We talked about using chalk versus PowerPoint and how technology can sometimes become messy interactions with participants.

Episode 509: Mitch Bender Tamara Anhalt-Warner - Sustainability

Dr. Mitch Bender joins Team Small Bytes again, along with Tammy Anhalt-Warner, to talk a bit about their involvement in the campus Taskforce on Sustainability. Dr. Bender is an Associate Professor in ETS and Tammy is Assistant Director of Training for Corporate Education and Outreach in Continuing Studies. They talk about a few of the things that, through the taskforce work, the campus community has already been doing in the realm of sustainability.

Episode 508: Fred Hill

Dr. Fred Hill joins Team Small Bytes to share a little bit of his work with the community. He has been with LR&TS for 32 ˝ years, done some performances with the Hill Family Singers and also a Boy Scout merit badge advisor. He shared with us some of his work with the Chamber of Commerce, which includes a Book Review that he writes and in the past has had his IM 638 students write. Oh, and we can’t forget, he advised our own Brad Grabham through his IM graduate work.

Episode 507: Kristi Tornquist - LRTS

Small Bytes is joined once again by Dr. Kristi Tornquist, Dean of Learning Resources and Technology Services. One of the topics our conversation focused on was LEAN traning, what it is and how SCSU is planning to apply it on campus. Our very own Brad Grabham attended the training held on campus earlier this semester. Other topics we covered included communication methods students are using, Students First project, Identity and Access Management and where some of the government stimulus money will be used.

Episode 506: Ivan Bartha - Wilderness

Ivan Bartha, Coordinator for Experiential Programs at St. Cloud State University, joins Small Bytes to talk about some of the programs he is a part of. One of the big changes this past summer was Outdoor Endeavors partnering with the city of St. Cloud to manage the Lake George boathouse. Ivan also talks about some of the ways that he utilizes technology in the programs and the places where he likes to keep the technology out.

Episode 505: Rob Reff - uChoose

Rob Reff joins team Small Bytes to share a little bit about the uChoose program that has been on campus for 3 years. Rob was previously a part of Counseling and Psychological Services, but has recently moved into a position of Interim Assitant Dean of Students to focus on programs for high risk drug and alcohol use in college students. Tune in to hear more about uChoose and how Rob has implement technologies such as the iPod Touch into the program.

Episode 504: DarylScholz - Projects

Daryl Scholz, IT Project Coordinator, joins in on the Small Bytes conversation this week to share a bit about some big projects going on at SCSU in the IT world. The Maple Grove Graduate Center, a facility in Maple Grove where some graduate courses are being offered through three different colleges. The technology has been set up so that faculty and students should see no difference than if they were actually on campus. Another big project just getting going is the 5th Ave Live project, a residential and commercial complex which will include an SCSU Welcome Center, classrooms, offices and student housing.

Episode 503: Ben Pratt - D2L

Ben Pratt joined Small Bytes to talk about some of the recent changes that were made in D2L over the summer. Students and faculty won’t physically see many of these changes, most of which were performance and speed updates. We also talked about some browser issues in regards to D2L as well as some upgrades to the print servers over the summer.

Episode 502: Loren Boone - Welcome Message

Team Small Bytes is joined by Loren Boone, Assistant Vice President for Marketing and Communications, to talk about SCSU’s marketing efforts and welcome back campaign. The big topic around this time of year is the return of students to campus and the community. The university has partnered with the community, the St. Cloud Times, and other schools, St. Cloud Technical College and St. Ben’s/St. John’s to make sure that the students are welcomed as a part of the surrounding communities.

Episode 501: Darrin Printy Online Security

Small Bytes is back! Darrin Printy, SCSU’s IT Security Coordinator, joins us to talk about the upcoming changes in security policies within MnSCU and the State of Minnesota. Most affected will be the students, who will now be required to change their HuskyNetID once every 180 days. Listen in to hear more about the changes and how it will affect you and a helpful tip for those Mac users out there when it comes to changing their passwords.

Episode 406: You all know JC, right?

Digital TV.

Episode 404: Keith Ewing is the Coordinator of Collection Management and Library Systems

Small Bytes welcomes Keith Ewing as a guest for this episode. Keith is the Coordinator of Collection Management and Library Systems in LR&TS. He talks a bit about other projects that he his involved in and how past technologies have influenced how things are done today. We again find ourselves talking about archiving and preserving collections, especially issues related to digital born documents.

Episode 403: Reuben Wagenius ITV and Video Conferencing

Small Bytes talks with Reuben Wagenius about ITV and Video Conferencing. We talk about Reuben’s path to his current position in LR&TS and how the technologies have changed relating to distance education over the years. Reuben talks about some of the ways that video conferencing has been used – from SCSU classrooms to internationally – Costa Rica, China & France.

Episode 402: David Williams, Director of the Planetarium

Team Small Bytes welcomes back David Williams, Director of the Planetarium to talk about what has been happening this semester. Public shows have been scheduled and are filling up quickly. Go to David also talks about how the technology is constantly changing and how they get all the new information. Tune in to learn more.

Episode 401: Jamie Larsen

Jamie Larsen.

Episode 400: Tom Steman Univeristy Archivist

Team Small Bytes begins a new season with Tom Steman, University Archivist and Associate Professor. Tom talks about what he as done in Archives since he started in July 2007 and where he hopes to take it. We also talk a bit about the upcoming Inauguration of President Potter and what Archives has been doing to help with the events.

Season 3 Episode List

Episode 328: Greg Jorgensen

Team Small Bytes is joined by Greg Jorgensen, a member of the Multimedia/Web Team in ITIS. He spends half of his time working with the Center for Continuing Studies, working mostly with D2L. He also spends a lot of time working with Adobe Connect, a web based collaboration tool available for use by Faculty and staff. Tune in to learn more about Connect and how it can be used.

Episode 327: Marian Rengel

Episode 326: Holly Santiago

Episode 325: Ivan Bartha

Episode 324: Sam Barhorst

Episode 323: Randy Kolb

Episode 322: Wade Nelson

Team Small Bytes is joined by Joseph Edelheit, Director of Jewish Studies and Lee Nelson, Director of Concert and Chamber Choir. Joseph tells us a bit about Insights, a quarterly diversity Journal and his work in the community. Lee joined in and they, together, talked about the upcoming project and tour, “To Be Certain of the Dawn”, a concert series involving St. Cloud State, St. Johns, St. Ben’s and then taking the concert on tour in Europe. The performance at St. Cloud State will be April 25 & 26 with the tour taking place in May.

Episode 320: John Roberson

John Roberson joins Team Small Bytes again to give an update on the process of upgrading the Exchange Server on campus that runs the HuskyNet e-mail. Users will notice very few changes in Outlook, OWA (Outlook Web Access) has a few more changes. John also talks a bit about the SharePoint project and Live Communication server. We also get an update on Sadie – John’s biodiesel ‘grease’ car.

Episode 319: Career Services

Larry Pfleger, Michelle Schmitz & Mandy Murphy, all from Career Services, joined team Small Bytes this week. They talked about what their office does for students and how big of an impact their recent move to Centennial Hall 2nd floor has made. We also talked about some of the trends they are seeing in Career Counseling and Development.

Episode 318: Scott Miller

Episode 317: Brad Busse

Episode 316: LivCom Award

This episode of Small Bytes brings in three members of the delegation from St. Cloud that went to London for the LivCom Awards. Dick Andzenge, faculty member in the Criminal Justice department, Howard Bohnen, faculty member in FIRE department, and Debra Leigh, who has been a guest in the past. They each talk about what their positions on campus are about and some of the highlights of the LivCom experience.

Episode 315: JC Turner

JC Turner, Associate Dean of LR&TS, joins Team Small Bytes again to talk about the latest in HD TVs and the battle between HD DVD and Blue Ray. The conversation also includes the topic of the switch to all digital signals by February 17, 2009. Converter boxes will need to be purchased if you aren’t planning on upgrading to a digital tv by then. More information can be found at

Episode 314: Debra Leigh

This week Small Bytes is joined by Deborah Leigh. Professor Leigh began at SCSU as a faculty member in Theatre, Film Studies & Dance. The past couple of years she has been transitioning into a position as a part of the CARE (Community AntiRacism Education) Initiative. This project has been around since 2002 and offers antiracism workshops and works with the community to build awareness of antiracism. Tune in to hear about some of Deborah’s experiences with dance and community.

Bernard Reuter

This episode is coming soon.

Episode 312: Dr. Geoffrey Tabakin and Balasubramanian (Balsi) Kasi

Listen while Dr. Geoffrey Tabakin and Balasubramanian (Balsi) Kasi take over the show.

Episode 311: Dan Wildeson (Part 2)

Dan Wildeson joins Team Small Bytes for the second episode in a row to continue our conversation about the CETL. Dan mentions that he is still a faculty member in the English Department and will be filling the Director position for the CETL for 4 years. Tune in to learn some more about Dan and the CETL.

Episode 310: Dan Wildeson (Part 1)

Dan Wildeson joins Team Small Bytes for this episode to talk a bit about the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. Dan is the new Director of CETL and also continues to teach in Communication Studies, where he has been since 1991. Since he has become the Director of CETL, he talks about things that he has been doing to "learn the job" and assess the needs of faculty. One of the big things coming up on the calendar at CETL are the January Workshop Days - keep watch for more information at

Episode 309: SCSU President Earl H. Potter III

This week Team Small Bytes is very excited to have President Earl H. Potter, III join us for a discussion about his first few months here at St. Cloud State, where he came from, and what he has in mind for the future of SCSU. The President talks a bit about the role of SCSU as a part of the larger community of St. Cloud and how he wants to build up that relationship. He has been very excited to talk to so many of the faculty and staff on campus and to see that everyone is very proud of the role that they play on campus. Tune in to hear some of his stories and some words of wisdom President Potter has to share!

Episode 308: Randy Evans

Randy Evans joins Team Small Bytes during his last week at SCSU. He retires on Nov. 2 after 32 1/2 years. He shares a bit of where he started out – April of 1975 in the Education Building TV studio. He has seen a lot of change on campus in the years he has served and is now excited to retire to his newly built home on the Mississippi River by Crosby. We hope he will come back for a visit and join us again!

Episode 307: St. John's Area Schools

This episode was another first for Team Small Bytes. A room full of 3rd graders and their two teachers from St. John’s Area Schools joined us for a very interesting episode. The classes were on campus for a Planetarium show and a Library tour – both of which the students thoroughly enjoyed. Teachers Andy & Joan and two students, Alana & David, joined us on the mics, and many other brave students came up and asked questions and gave there comments.

Episode 306: Susan Motin

This episode brings another new guest in. Susan Motin, Associate Professor in Learning Resources & Technology Services, was excited to talk about the Alexander Hamilton exhibit, currently open in the Miller Center. The grant-funded exhibit started at the New York Historical Society and will be here until December 7. Susan also talks a bit about her past assignment as "Copyright Librarian" and her focus now on Library Outreach.

Episode 305: David Williams

Dr. David Williams joins Small Bytes for this episode from his position as the Director of the SCSU Planetarium. He talks about how he got interested in the stars at age 7, when his mom sang him “Starlight, Starbright” when he asked what the bright light was in the sky. David also tells us about the life of the Planetarium on campus and about some of the very cool features of the new projector that was put in place this past summer. Check out the planetarium at to learn more or sign up for Public Nights!

Episode 304: Dr. Kate Steffens and Dr. Christine Imbra

Team Small Bytes is joined this week by Dr. Kate Steffens and Dr. Christine Imbra from the College of Education. Kate is the Dean of the COE and talks a bit about the assessment projects that she has been involved with, most recently the NCATE Accreditation for the COE. Christine, faculty member in the COE, talks about the graduate degrees in Higher Ed Administration, the Masters degree and the new Doctoral degree.

Episode 303: John Theis

John Theis, faculty member in the Center for Information Media, joins Small Bytes this week for a second time to talk about his experiences with different types of online delivery of his courses. The latest technology being used on campus is Adobe Connect. John has used this to deliver his course material both synchronously and asynchronously to his students. Overall, his students have had very positive experiences with Connect.

Episode 302: Kristi Tornquist

Kristi Tornquist, Dean of Learning Resources & Technology Services, joins us for a second time. She talks a bit about the Minnesota Digital Library project ( that LRTS is involved in and the Technology Master Plan that is due to be rewritten for the next 5 years.  Kristi also talks about the collaboration between LRTS and CfIS on many technology projects.

Episode 301: Al Essa

We were lucky enough to have Al Essa, Associate Vice Chancellor and Deputy CIO for MnSCU, known as “The System”, join us to talk about his position and Internet technologies that he has been a part of. He came to The System from MIT’s  Sloan School of Management and now spends much of his time working with the infrastructure necessary to tie all or the 32 MnSCU campuses together. He also works with D2L and the idea of virtual worlds and what role they can play in online learning.

Episode 300: Mert Thompson and Tom Hergert

This episode brings Mert Thompson and Tom Hergert, two faculty members from LR&TS. Mert is a part of the Center for Information Media and Tom comes to us from InforMedia Services. They tell us a bit about the programs they offer through CIM and also about some of the many Study Abroad programs that are available at SCSU. Both Mert and Tom speak from experience about the Alnwick, England program as they have both been faculty members with that program. Listen in to hear more about study abroad or go to

Season 2 Episode List

Episode 244: Kenny Hendrickson

Episode 244 brings to the table Kenny Hendrickson, Assistant Director of Residential Life for Marketing. Kenny takes a few minutes out of his busy days with move-in day fast approaching to share a little bit about what he does. He mentions that the residential halls on campus are nearing full capacity – some males being put up in triple rooms for the first few weeks of the semester. Kenny is also involved in the upcoming New Student Orientation days to help acclimate the students to campus life.

Episode 243: Matt Trombley

Matt Trombley joins team Small Bytes from the Center for Student Organizations and Leadership Development. Matt talks a bit about all the various positions he has held on campus in the past 8 years. After leaving campus for a year, he returns to the position of Director of CSOLD.  He talks about a few of the services that are offered through the Center, especially Mainstreet, the event that brings out many of the Student Orgs to the Atwood Mall to invite students to join. Listen in to hear more from Matt!

This week we talk with Darrin Printy about Network Security, Wireless and ResNet.

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