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Econ 465/565 Regional and Urban Economics

Econ 677 Managerial Economics



Regional and Urban
Economics and
Economic Development:
Theory and Methods

CEDS report:



Chapters 8 and 20

Chapter 8. Supply-Based Regional Growth Analysis

Chapter 20. Fighting Crime


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Chapter 1. Nature and Scope of Regional and Urban Economics
PPT Ch 1
Ch 1 Links
Part I
Chapter 2. Linear Market Areas
PPT Ch 2
Ch 2_Links
Chapter 3. Market Areas and Systems of Cities
PPT Ch 3
Ch 3_Links
Chapter 4. Industrial Location
PPT Ch 4
Ch 4_Links
Chapter 5. Agglomeration Economies and Entrepreneurs’ Preferences
PPT Ch 5
Ch 5_Links
Chapter 6. Spatial Pricing Decisions
PPT Ch 6
Ch 6_Links
Part II
Chapter 7. Short-Run Income Models
PPT Ch 7
Ch 7_Links
Chapter 8. Supply-Based Regional Growth Analysis
PPT Ch 8
Ch 8_Links
Chapter 9. Core-Periphery Models: Distance Counts
PPT Ch 9
Ch 9_Links
Chapter 10. Regional Labor Markets and Migration
PPT Ch 10
Ch 10_Links
Chapter 11. Can Government Change a Region’s Growth Path?
PPT Ch 11
Ch 11_Links
Part III
Chapter 12. Land Rents and Land Use Patterns
PPT Ch 12
Ch 12_Links
Chapter 13. The Housing Market
PPT Ch 13
Ch 13_Links
Chapter 14. Transportation
PPT Ch 14
Ch 14_Links
Chapter 15. Growth Controls, Smart Growth, and Zoning
PPT Ch 15
Ch 15_Links
Part IV
Chapter 16. Local Public Finance
PPT Ch 16
Ch 16_Links
Chapter 17. Intergovernmental Relations
PPT Ch 17
Ch 17_Links
Chapter 18. Income Inequality and Poverty
PPT Ch 18
Ch_18 Links
Chapter 19. Optimal Local Education Policies
PPT Ch 19
Ch 19_Links
Chapter 20. Fighting Crime
PPT Ch 20
Ch 20_Links

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