Mana Komai

PhD, Virginia Tech, May 2004

Associate Professor

Department of Economics

381 Stewart Hall





Contact Information:


(320) 308-2072


(320) 308-2228


Office Hours:

T/TH 9-12 and by appointment


Research Interests:


·       Microeconomics, Game Theory, Experimental Economics


·       Organizational Design, Economics of Information



·       Mana Komai (with Catherine Eckel and Selhan Garip Sahin), An Experimental Study of Leadership Institutions in Collective Action Games, Journal of Economic Science Association, forthcoming.


·       Mana Komai (with Philip Grossman and James Jensen), “Leadership and Gender in Organizations”, Canadian Journal of Economics, 2015.


·       Mana Komai (with John Kulas and Philip Grossman), “Leadership, Information, and Risk Attitude: a Game Theoretic Approach”, Leadership Quarterly, 2013.


·       Mana Komai (with Philip Grossman and Travis Deters), “Leadership and Information in a Single Shot Collective Action Game”, Managerial and Decision Economics, 2011.


·       Mana Komai (with Philip Grossman), “Leadership and Group Size: an Experiment”, Economics letters, 2010.


·       Mana Komai (with Mark Stegeman), “Leadership Based on Asymmetric Information”, Rand Journal of Economics, 2010.


·       Mana Komai, “Leading the Ignorant: Can Ignorance Eliminate the Free Riding Problem?”, Iranian Economic Review, 2007.


·       Mana Komai (with Mark Stegeman and Benjamin Hermalin), “Leadership and Information”, American Economic Review, 2007.


Working Papers


·       Mana Komai (with Mark Stegeman), “Leadership and Credibility in Organizations”, Working Paper 2013.


·       Mana Komai (with Philip Grossman), “Economics of Envy: an Experimental Study”, Working Paper 2013.


·       Mana Komai (with Phil Grossman), “Leader Transparency in a Sequential Leader/Follower Game, 2013.