Mitch Bender, Ph.D.
  Environmental and Technological Studies

Environmental Studies Student Research Group


 About the research group

The Environmental Studies Student Research Group is a small but intense research group for undergraduate students interested in the field of environmental studies. Participants take part in one or more research projects over the duration of one or more semesters. Participants develop research proposals and meet regularly to discuss progress, problems and research findings. 

Goals of the research group

The goals of the Environmental Studies Student Research Group are to give students opportunities to: 1) gain valuable research experience in the field and the laboratory, 2) apply theories and techniques learned in the classroom to meaningful research problems, and 3) develop professional and scholarly networks.

Who can join the research group

Undergraduate students interested in environmental studies are eligible (the student does not have to be an Environmental Studies major).  No previous experience is necessary. A limited number of research positions will be available each semester, and the selection criteria for group members will be determined by the faculty member directing the research project.

Expectations of students

  • Register for ETS 400
  • Attend all group meetings
  • Meet regularly with faculty advisor
  • Complete all research
  • Complete all assignments

Proposed outline of activities

  • Complete a research proposal

  • Create a Curriculum Vitae

  • Begin research activities

  • Submit application to Denise M. McGuire Student Research Award

  • SCSU Research Colloquium presentation

  • Complete research activities

How to join the research group

Please contact Dr. Mitch Bender for more information.


Listed are past and present members of the research group. For more information on these members, visit this link: member bios


Name Membership Leadership Position  

Todd Anderson

Fall 2006



Erin Bastyr

Fall 2007-Spring 2009

Co-Leader (2008-2009)


Michael (Kueppers)Behan Spring 2011-Spring 2012    

Pallav Bhattarai

Fall 2008-2010



Tara Borgerding

Fall 2009

Mentor (2009)


Neeva Chitrakar Spring 2011-Spring 2012    

Andrew Dotseth

Fall 2007-Spring 2008



Kala Fisher

Fall 2007-Spring 2008



Jake Galzki

Fall 2005-Spring 2007

Leader (2006-2007)


Donny Granlund Spring 2011-Spring 2012    
Megan Grier Spring 2011-Spring 2012    

Zach Gutknecht

Fall 2008-2010

Co-Leader (2009-2010)


Ashley Hansen

Fall 2005-Spring 2006



Dawn Hawkins

Fall 2009-Spring 2012

Mentor (2011-2012)


Mike Hayman

Fall 2007-Spring 2009

Co-Leader (2008-2009)


Bridget Johannes Fall 2013-present    
Matt Kruger Fall 2013-present    

Matt Lenz

Fall 2006-Fall 2007



Kate Maxwell

Fall 2005-Spring 2006



Dan Nadeau

Fall 2006-Spring 2012

Leader (2007-2008)

Mentor (2009-2012)

Suresh Niraula

Fall 2008-2010

Co-Leader (2009-2010)


Amit Pradhananga

Fall 2006-Spring 2009

Mentor (2007-2009)


Jamison Reginek

Fall 2008-Spring 2009



Jeff  Reinhart

Fall 2008-Spring 2009



Brian Sanoski

Spring 2007-Fall 2008



Nick Schumacher

Fall 2005-Spring 2006



Sarah Sewell

Spring 2003-Spring 2005

Leader (2003-2005)


Joe Stafne

Fall 2007-Spring 2009



Joe Storlien

Spring 2005-Spring 2008

Leader (2005-2006)

Mentor (2006-2008)

Robin Viestenz Spring 2011-Spring 2012 Leader (2011-2012)  

Abbi Wittman

Fall 2004-Spring 2005