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This Month's Daily Statistics


Issued: 1 July 2003

Subject: Saint Cloud Weather Summary for June 2003

Has Anyone Seen Summer?

     The statistics show that June had near normal temperatures and was slightly drier than normal, but that doesn't agree with perception. The June average temperature at the Saint Cloud Municipal Airport was 64.7°F, only 0.4°F below normal. However, the June average high temperature was 1°F cooler than normal. The warmest high temperature in June was 89°F on June 16, tying April 14 for the warmest reading of the year so far. Thus, there have been no days with a high of at least 90°F to this point in the warm season. There are normally 2-3 days with a high at least 90°F by the end of June. 2003 marks only the second year since 1985 during which there were no 90°F highs. During that only previous year during the past 15 years (1993), there was only one 90°F day and that was reached in August. (Historic 90-Degree Highs here). The reason for the relative mild readings in June were the higher than normal low temperatures, including a record-tying warm low on June 23rd. However, the early July weather pattern indicates a better chance of hot and humid weather as the jet stream has pushed into southwestern Canada.

     The June Saint Cloud Municipal Airport totalled 3.63 inches, 0.88 inch below normal. However, it was certainly not drier than normal in much of central Minnesota. At Saint Cloud State University, June rainfall was 4.69 inches, including 1.96 inches between 7 AM on June 24 and 7 AM on June 25. The entire period of June 21-25 produced several areas of 6-8 inches, including a swath of central Minnesota from Glenwood and Alexandria through Long Prairie, Little Falls, and Aitkin. This series of storms also included the tornado touchdown in Buffalo Lake. As of June 30, the growing season precipitation map from the Minnesota State Climatologist's Office shows very wet conditions through central Minnesota. The combined lack of sunshine, humidity, and rainfall has resulted in a relatively poor growing season so far. The accumulated growing degree days, a measure of the warmth required for common crops, is running 8-15% below normal through June 30. which has delayed crop growth in much of the area. Even Saint Cloud Airport is near normal rainfall for the growing season thus far. The pattern for the new month seems to be conducive to warmth, but could produce many showers and thunderstorms since the boundary between the hot, humid air and slightly cooler air will remain in the area. See my latest forecast for more details.

    June 2003 Statistics

Temperatures (°F)
June 2003
Average High Temperature (°F)
Average Low Temperature (°F)
Mean Temperature for June (°F)
June Extremes
Warmest High Temperature for June 2003 (°F)
June 16th
Coldest High Temperature for June 2003 (°F)
June 6th
Warmest Low Temperature for June 2003 (°F)
68 (tied record)
June 23rd
Coldest Low Temperature for June 2003 (°F)
June 1st
Record Temperatures in June 2003
Old Record
Daily Record Warm Low
68 (tied record)
June 23rd
previous in 1946, 1966
Precipitation (in)
June 2003
June 2003 Precipitation (in)
June Extremes
Precipitation (in)
Most Daily Precipitation in June 2003
June 25th
Record Precipitation in June 2003
Precipitation (in)
Old Record
No Precipitation Records Set

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and Minnesota Climatology Working Group, including the Minnesota State Climatologist's Office, University of Minnesota-Saint Paul Campus.

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