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Episode 10 :
Wanda Erickson
(podcast-10:40min,9.76 MB, mp3)
Media specialist and public librarian Wanda Erickson shares about the occupational challenges of serving in a dual capacity in Upsala, MN.


Episode 9:
Live from the MEMO conference
(podcast-3:55min,3.59 MB, mp3)
MEMO conference attendees and media specialists Emily Hope-Hofher, Moundsview and Allison Eikenberry, Chisago Lakes, share what technologies they are using and what books they are promoting in their media centers.

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Episode 8:
Welcome to MEMO from Gary Ganje
(podcast-8:31min,7.79 MB, mp3)
Gary Ganje is the current president of MEMO. In this podcast, Gary shares some of his goals for the upcomming year.


Episode 7 :
Children's Literature Workshop
(podcast-17:53min,16 MB, mp3)
Sandra Williams and Marcia Thompson share highlights of previous Children's Literature Workshops and reveal what is in store for Summer 2007! For more information, visit

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Episode 6 :
Talk with Jane
(podcast-12:25min,11 MB, mp3)
Jane Prestebak is the Director of Media Services and Instructional Technology for Robbinsdale Area Schools. In this episode, Jane talks about MEMO's information and technology literacy scope & sequence that she was instrumental in developing.


Episode 5 :
Talk with Sara
(podcast-7:16min, 7MB, mp3)
Sara Martini is a media specialist at Talahi Elementary School in St. Cloud, Minnesota. In addition to her duties as media specialist, Sara is also involved in with the Central Minnesota Library Exchange (CMLE), and is a member of the Maud Hart Lovelace Book Award Selection Committee.  In this episode, Sara describes her committee involvement and the process of book award selection.


Episode 4 :
Talk with Kathy
(podcast-7:58min, 7MB, mp3)
Kathy Lewin is a media specialist at Hassan and Otsego Elementary in Elk River, MN.  In this podcast, Kathy talks about how she worked with her administration to receive SMART boards and elaborates on how to use them effectively in the media center. This conversation was recorded using Skype and My MP3.


Episode 3:
Talk with Don
(podcast-9:19min, 5MB, mp3)
High school Media Specialist Don Clausen from Jefferson High School in Alexandria, MN shares his insight about the future of the media center as a physical space.  Visit his virtual library web page at  Once you are there, click on media services.

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Episode 2 :
Talk with Mert
(podcast-14 min, 7MB, mp3)
Mert Thompson, Professor for the Center for Information Media at St. Cloud State University, talks about the future of school library media specialists and how they play a vital role in the educational process.

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Episode 1:
The Welcome Vodcast (vodcast-4 min, 6 MB, wmv, mov)(podcast-4 min, 3.7MB, mp3)
Meet the crew behind the school media podcast:  Jo Flanders, Plamen Miltenoff, Jenny Hill, and Deb Skophammer! Read more about the time by clicking on the following link: Podcast Bios.
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